Building 10 rooms


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Room A.
Inverted ziggurat - steps going down to bottom of room, altar to dungeon god at lowest point. LUBBOPPON the PITIABLE SAILOR is tied to altar with WHITE APEs preparing to sacrifice them. Everything exactly as it seems.
Room B.
SOUND: Chirps of cave crickets.
SMELL: Spoiled-sweet, like garbage.
Dungeon oasis. Lake of pure water, grove of FLESH CYCAD, WOODEN FOWLs and WHITE APEs drinking together in peace. If you start a fight here everyone in the dungeon will find out about it and regard you with unremitting hostility forever.
Room C.
SIGHT: Dust on every flat surface.
When you look down this hallway it seems to get narrower and narrower until you reach the end, which is child-sized. When you walk down it it stays the same size but you shrink. Works very differently if there's another way around.
Room D.
Pool of stagnant water with treasure chest at bottom. Treasure chest contains bound, gagged SILKANNY the OLD BARD, is temporarily watertight. If released SILKANNY the OLD BARD will demand vengeance on WHITE APE in room G, offer reward for assistance in this matter.
Room E.
SMELL: Dry and musty, like mummy wrappings and black mold.
SOUND: Chirps of cave crickets.
Looks like three-way intersection. One exit actually trap, leads to immediate dead end and floor collapse. Then WHITE APEs come in and start poking you w/ sticks.
Room F.
SOUND: Dead silence. Even your voices muffled.
DREGEEN the MOROSE DUKE and GUNGWIND the SERVILE ASSASSIN fighting for possession of a BLESSED OCARINA, each with an extremely good argument for why it is rightfully theirs. Actually they stole it from the hoard of a NIGHT VAMPIRE, who had it as a birthday present from their underworld pen pal and to whom it is of great sentimental value.
Room G.
HEFWOMP the STUPID EXPLORER, suffering catastrophic memory failure, no longer sure which way they came in. Single glowing blue mushroom in centre of room does nothing if touched. Memories leeched by prolonged exposure to its light. Eating it gives you all the memories it's absorbed.
Room H.
SMELL: Faint breeze. Hard to tell where from, seems to change directions.
MAGMA PHOENIX den. Sulphuric fumes vent from somewhere deep within. Contains skeleton holding HATCHET OF THE PIT, which in addition to other powers gets +2 against MAGMA PHOENIX. 50% chance that MAGMA PHOENIX is out. Secret way out of dungeon, big enough for monster to fit through.
Room I.
SIGHT: Walls are sandstone, gritty when you touch them.
Observatory. Star charts, half-ground lenses, celestial globes, tables of astronomical data (looks like random numbers) and pulsar emissions. NIGHT VAMPIRE mesmerized by whatever it sees through single enormous telescope. If you broke the telescope's lens you could climb out of the dungeon through it.
Room J.
Apparent dead end in WHITE APE workshop. Secret door concealed beneath anvil. WHITE APE blacksmith not pleased to see you, will attack with half-forged FLAMBERGE OF TIME, only continue to forge it if compelled. Possibility that PCs emerge from beneath anvil.