Building 10 rooms


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Room A.
SMELL: Salty as sea-air.
Almost-frictionless surface. Works like the ice puzzles in Pokemon - once you pick a direction you're stuck with it until you hit a solid surface. Dotted with menhirs. One TITANIC SKELETON w/ projectile weapon at far end of room.
Room B.
HALF-WOLFs engaged in elaborate mating ritual. Single TITANIC SKELETON watching w/ creepy intensity.
Room C.
Two statues. One always tells lies, one always tells the truth. They only know things that statues would know. None of the passages out of this room are trapped or dangerous in any way.
Room D.
TUFTED ELEMENTAL asleep in centre of irregular room, can only be squeezed round w/ difficulty.
Room E.
SOUND: Muffled voices from next room.
SIGHT: There is a mirror in this room. It's not magical or special, it's an ordinary mirror.
Bedchamber of three, four TITANIC SKELETONs. Sodden and filthy. Careful inspection of damp rags that serve as bedding will reveal a(n) CORD OF THE DAMNED in surprisingly good condition, but forces save against filth fever.
Room F.
SOUND: Almost-subsonic warble of cave songbirds.
Formerly a wizard's study. Now a breeding pair of HALF-WOLFs has made a nest of the spellbooks, which reveal interesting magical snippets if closely examined. Torn-up pages, gummed back together, may have produced odd new spells.
Room G.
SMELL: Zoosmell, like pressing your face to a tiger and inhaling.
TITANIC SKELETON games room. Mildewed cardboard boxes, rotting tomes with amusing titles like Ye Olde Playeres Handbooke. Spotty TITANIC SKELETONS hunched over reasonably flat rock playing Humans and Hamlets with dice made of bone and precious stones. One of the dice is actually lucky.
Room H.
SIGHT: Cobwebs in every corner.
Shrine to dungeon god. Altar will curse you if you touch it unless you prepare the proper sacrifices, which consist of one ritually smothered HALF-WOLF. If you do it will bless you. One TITANIC SKELETON elsewhere in dungeon is priest, knows secret to this.
Room I.
Bemused TUFTED ELEMENTAL being worshipped by bunch of prostrated TITANIC SKELETONs. 25% chance this is actually a clever trick to get close enough to kill it.
Room J.
SOUND: Hiss of steam escaping through cracks in floor.
Apparent dead end in TITANIC SKELETON workshop. Secret door concealed beneath anvil. TITANIC SKELETON blacksmith not pleased to see you, will attack with half-forged BLESSED TRIDENT, only continue to forge it if compelled. Possibility that PCs emerge from beneath anvil.