Building 10 rooms


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Room A.
SOUND: Hiss of steam escaping through cracks in floor.
MOTHOLMO the LYING BANKER, suffering catastrophic memory failure, no longer sure which way they came in. Single glowing blue mushroom in centre of room does nothing if touched. Memories leeched by prolonged exposure to its light. Eating it gives you all the memories it's absorbed.
Room B.
One passage being slowly walled off by ELDER PIXIEs under supervision of cranky, half-asleep FLAIL NAGA who is enforcing compliance w/ threat of physical violence, eternal torment.
Room C.
SIGHT: Dust on every flat surface.
Circular room. When you enter all the doors slam shut, it spins around faster and faster until you don't know which way you're facing, save or be nauseated then roll 1d4 for direction you leave in. Square hole in centre, square wooden peg hidden in room J can lock it in place.
Room D.
SMELL: Old people and medicine.
ELDER PIXIE barracks-room, mostly empty. One fat ELDER PIXIE slobberingly asleep in corner. Has QUIVER OF THE CRAB on string around neck.
Room E.
SMELL: Strangely cold, like being in a meat freezer.
SIGHT: Walls are sandstone, gritty when you touch them.
Couple of sorry-looking ELDER PIXIEs roasting FLESH JELLY over fire. In surprisingly good mood, will share. If you get sick and pass out from the feast they will definitely kill you, but otherwise harmless.
Room F.
SCABFEN the HELPFUL SCHOLAR looking for girl/boy/personfriend, who they think is being held captive by ELDER PIXIES. Actually came with them willingly to get away from SCABFEN the HELPFUL SCHOLAR, now rethinking it, dungeon life losing sense of mystery and grandeur. Still hates SCABFEN the HELPFUL SCHOLAR though. Is in room G.
Room G.
ELDER PIXIE games room. Mildewed cardboard boxes, rotting tomes with amusing titles like Ye Olde Playeres Handbooke. Spotty ELDER PIXIES hunched over reasonably flat rock playing Humans and Hamlets with dice made of bone and precious stones. One of the dice is actually lucky.
Room H.
DUSK YETI w/ CROSSBOW OF SPRING stuck in it. Extremely unhappy. Someone in room E concealing serious wound, would like CROSSBOW OF SPRING back.
Room I.
DUSK YETI den. Sulphuric fumes vent from somewhere deep within. Contains skeleton holding MAUL OF CHAOS, which in addition to other powers gets +2 against DUSK YETI. 50% chance that DUSK YETI is out. Secret way out of dungeon, big enough for monster to fit through.
Room J.
Map room. Globes, nautical charts, atlases, blueprints, guidebooks. FLAIL NAGA studying X-marked plan of faraway island, so enthralled that it has difficulty noticing PCs. Exquisite rug on room's floor seems like abstract pattern, careful study reveals it to be map of dungeon itself.