Building 10 rooms


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Room A.
SMELL: Meaty reek of underworld flowers, like frying fat and potpourri.
Crossroads, but one exit just loops back around into the other one. Walls of loop contain shelves for entombed corpses w/ gold coins on their eyes and FIRE WORM concealed in their flesh.
Room B.
Lava tube. Cracks in walls, WERE-KOBOLDs compressed in spaces behind cracks. Not planning to ambush, terrified of you, want you to go away. One has a APPARATUS OF THE TITANS and no idea how to use it. Neither do you.
Room C.
Corridor from abandoned prison. Walls lined w/ jail cells, most of the bars rotted away or overgrown w/ THORN BLOSSOM. MARROW FOWLs nesting in cell halfway along, loose brick behind cell wall conceals CANDLE OF STRENGTH that only works a third of the time, is haunted by ghost of LUBBAMPER the AMBITIOUS COURTESAN who will tell you how to fix it if you get vengeance on their jailer.
Room D.
Enormous brass lever that raises/lowers water level throughout whole dungeon. There is another, similar level in room C.
Room E.
SIGHT: Walls are sandstone, gritty when you touch them.
SMELL: Strangely cold, like being in a meat freezer.
Bubbling lake of mildly corrosive alkaline goo must be navigated via stepping stones. FIRE WORM hidden in goo, obviously. Harmless until you get any blood in the goo, then will go into feeding frenzy.
Room F.
Bemused SHIELD ELEMENTAL being worshipped by bunch of prostrated WERE-KOBOLDs. 25% chance this is actually a clever trick to get close enough to kill it.
Room G.
Room shaped like inside of tetrahedron. Anyone standing in etched circle in room's centre teleported to random other room of dungeon. Can be controlled by fetching tetrahedronal crystal in room H, will grant access to secret treasure chamber w/ no doors leading to it. Someone has to stay behind to teleport you out again.
Room H.
SIGHT: Walls made of petrified wood, as if you're in the bole of a huge ancient tree.
SMELL: Faint caramelly smell of exotic woods.
Shrine to dungeon god. Altar will curse you if you touch it unless you prepare the proper sacrifices, which consist of one ritually smothered MARROW FOWL. If you do it will bless you. One WERE-KOBOLD elsewhere in dungeon is priest, knows secret to this.
Room I.
SMELL: Old people and medicine.
SOUND: Muffled voices from next room.
Space is bent in such a way that walking down this tunnel will bring you out in room G.
Room J.
SIGHT: Everything is coated in fine layer of snail slime.
SOUND: Agonizingly slow waterdrip.
Lightless oubliette. PHOEBFIANA the OILY KNIGHT has been trapped in here for at least twenty years, some WERE-KOBOLDs coming by to feed and water them occasionally.