Building 10 rooms


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G C--E
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Room A.
BRODESTER the POLITE SENATOR impressing PRIMAL ORCs w/ magical powers of CURSED CORONET, attempting to convince them that it is their rightful king. Will turn them on PCs if they do not show BRODESTER the POLITE SENATOR proper signs of obeisance. PRIMAL ORCs just humouring BRODESTER the POLITE SENATOR, will happily play along.
Room B.
Beam of light comes down from above. LONGBOW OF GOOD embedded in monolith in room's centre. Can only be removed by hand of true king, which can be found - dried, placed in wall sconce, candle placed in curled fingers, is now magical torch that reveals ghosts - in room I.
Room C.
SIGHT: Floor covered w/ layer of gritty sand.
SMELL: Vomit.
Seems like straight corridor. Really obvious secret doors spaced out at five-metre intervals along corridor - loose bricks, bookshelves w/ books sticking out, candlesticks on funny angles, etc. All just spray acid except one.
Room D.
Formerly a wizard's study. Now a breeding pair of FIRE TURTLEs has made a nest of the spellbooks, which reveal interesting magical snippets if closely examined. Torn-up pages, gummed back together, may have produced odd new spells.
Room E.
UDDROD the DEVOUT CHILD, armed w/ DIAMOND SCIMITAR, on quest to kill a ASTRAL DRAKE, which they are only semi-certain even lives in this dungeon.
Room F.
SMELL: Strangely warm, like being in a kiln.
Cornered, enraged, only semi-wounded ASTRAL DRAKE preparing to unleash its ultimate attack on bunch of spear-wielding PRIMAL ORCs who think they're doing much better than they are. If you wait you can get it before its ultimate attack recharges.
Room G.
Couple of sorry-looking PRIMAL ORCs roasting DIRE SLUG over fire. In surprisingly good mood, will share. If you get sick and pass out from the feast they will definitely kill you, but otherwise harmless.
Room H.
SOUND: Coins clinking.
Looks like empty room. Actually maw of cave leviathan, those weird stalagmites its teeth. Glimmer of treasure deep in gullet is pyrite lure. FIRE TURTLEs pick dead flesh from between teeth.
Room I.
SIGHT: Floor covered w/ layer of gritty sand.
Lightless oubliette. TYRWEG the ARROGANT CHAMBERMAID has been trapped in here for at least twenty years, some PRIMAL ORCs coming by to feed and water them occasionally.
Room J.
SIGHT: Flowers bloom everywhere, even where they shouldn't. Especially where they shouldn't.
SMELL: Spilt beer accumulated over decades.
RIGHTEOUS MINOTAUR laboratory. Weird hybrid things bubble away in glass tanks. At least one attempted crossbreed between PRIMAL ORC and FIRE TURTLE. RIGHTEOUS MINOTAUR not there. PANDULIA the INCOMPETENT SCHOLAR pretends to be experimental captive, is actually willing lab assistant.