Building 10 rooms


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Room A.
SMELL: Faint caramelly smell of exotic woods.
Huge cavernous room w/ tiny campfire somewhere in middle. MERCURY DWARFs sitting around campfire, roasting sausages, telling filthy stories.
Room B.
PHALRAX the GREEDY CLOWN, armed w/ PIKE OF THE SANDS, on quest to kill a HUNCHBACK GARGOYLE, which they are only semi-certain even lives in this dungeon.
Room C.
Couple of MERCURY DWARFs around shallow pit, gambling on combat between trained RUST WORM. Intruders will be hurled into pit, but if you wait long enough the furious loser will accuse the winner of cheating and a fight will ensure.
Room D.
SOUND: Burble of distant river.
Iron portcullis, MERCURY DWARF on other side asking substantial fee to raise it. Will slam it shut when you're directly under it to try and spike you to death. If you approach this from the other side the MERCURY DWARF will also be on the other side, it can squeeze through the bars.
Room E.
Clay nest of RUST WORM in corner. Single MERCURY DWARF tasked w/ exterminating it, no idea where to begin, will lead you to hiding place of IMMOVABLE SKULL in room B if you can give it a hand. Surprisingly reliable and honest.
Room F.
SMELL: Delicious stew boiling. The more you sniff at it the more it changes to rotting flesh.
Feast hall / audience chamber of underworld king. One entrance on either side of hall. VILE CYCLOPS in throne at end of hall hearing stream of MERCURY DWARF petitioners.
Room G.
Salt lick. Vein of salt (somehow) in wall of cave, GELATINOUS HOUNDs lapping at it. If you bring salt to other parts of cave the GELATINOUS HOUNDs there will lick it out of your hands and it will be adorable.
Room H.
SMELL: Air painfully dry.
SOUND: Slow, monotonous weeping. Sounds like it's been going for a very long time.
HEFEFFO the SERVILE DRUID looking for girl/boy/personfriend, who they think is being held captive by MERCURY DWARFS. Actually came with them willingly to get away from HEFEFFO the SERVILE DRUID, now rethinking it, dungeon life losing sense of mystery and grandeur. Still hates HEFEFFO the SERVILE DRUID though. Is in room D.
Room I.
SIGHT: Immense limestone stalactites hang from ceiling.
VILE CYCLOPS bedchamber. Four-poster bed, priceless paintings kidnapped from world are hung on walls and artistically befouled. Fairy kept in cage as singing nightlight begs release, claims to be able to grant wishes, can't. Golden key to cage discarded in room F, VILE CYCLOPS concluded they will never need it. Cage highly portable, otherwise unbreakable.
Room J.
Apparent dead end in MERCURY DWARF workshop. Secret door concealed beneath anvil. MERCURY DWARF blacksmith not pleased to see you, will attack with half-forged HAMMER OF THE OAK, only continue to forge it if compelled. Possibility that PCs emerge from beneath anvil.