Building 10 rooms


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J C--B--G
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Room A.
Waterfall that trickles in through crack in wall, disappears in swirling vortex into crack in earth. Tricky climb, must be made to pass room. ABYSSAL TURTLE den hidden in cave behind waterfall, half-digested FIGURINE OF LIGHTNING in stomach of sleeping ABYSSAL TURTLE.
Room B.
YASHAERYS the OBESE DOCTOR looking for girl/boy/personfriend, who they think is being held captive by SIEGE PIXIES. Actually came with them willingly to get away from YASHAERYS the OBESE DOCTOR, now rethinking it, dungeon life losing sense of mystery and grandeur. Still hates YASHAERYS the OBESE DOCTOR though. Is in room F.
Room C.
Enormous pile of STONE OF THE LICHs, all exactly alike, dumped haphazardly in corner. Only one is real. The rest are clever fakes that have a 25% chance of working once and then break. Somewhere in room G is concealed the secret of finding the real one. Possibly in someone's brain.
Room D.
SIGHT: Bioluminescent bacteria gleam in the walls and the dark mud of the floor.
Stepping stones over slow-trickling underground river. Actually pretty easy to cross. ABYSSAL TURTLEs drinking at edges, not aggressive unless provoked. Easy to provoke though.
Room E.
SOUND: Agonizingly slow waterdrip.
SIGHT: Cobwebs in every corner.
Two statues. One always tells lies, one always tells the truth. They only know things that statues would know. None of the passages out of this room are trapped or dangerous in any way.
Room F.
SIGHT: Flowers bloom everywhere, even where they shouldn't. Especially where they shouldn't.
One of those Ripley's Believe It Or Not rooms where there's a row of mirrors along one wall and once you go around the corridor you can see through them. Couple of SIEGE PIXIEs behind mirrors making fun of PCs, will flee as they approach. If the PCs linger, MAKEEN the MUTE BISHOP will come through on the other side of the mirrors and accidentally reveal something they would kill to keep secret.
Room G.
SMELL: Metallic tang of hour-old blood.
Lightless oubliette. WOFUNDUS the EXCITABLE SHEPHERD has been trapped in here for at least twenty years, some SIEGE PIXIEs coming by to feed and water them occasionally.
Room H.
Bubbling lake of mildly corrosive alkaline goo must be navigated via stepping stones. ROYAL OOZE hidden in goo, obviously. Harmless until you get any blood in the goo, then will go into feeding frenzy.
Room I.
SOUND: Coins clinking.
Space is bent in such a way that walking down this tunnel will bring you out in room H.
Room J.
ABYSSAL TURTLE den. Where they keep their babies. Parents not pleased to see you.