Building 10 rooms


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Room A.
SIGHT: Extremely high ceiling narrows to tiny skylight.
SOUND: Boom of distant explosions, clatter of drills.
Beautiful woman made of glass, living in pit of liquid glass. Can see future with 95% accuracy. No particular reason to help PCs, but would rather like to get her hands on fragile glass chalice in room C (she'll eat it). Would be worth a lot if somehow extracted from dungeon and sold as artwork. Scream is like damp fingertip on rim of wineglass, summons IRON SQUID from another part of dungeon.
Room B.
Two bridges across enormous bottomless pit. They do not intersect. Easy to go directly across, difficult to turn corners.
Room C.
Trash midden. Not planned, just naturally developed here. Infested by tiny well-concealed TRUE SLUG. No treasure, just bits of clothing that might have been magical once but no longer are.
Room D.
Seems like straight corridor. Really obvious secret doors spaced out at five-metre intervals along corridor - loose bricks, bookshelves w/ books sticking out, candlesticks on funny angles, etc. All just spray acid except one.
Room E.
SIGHT: Cobwebs in every corner.
Actual dungeon, exists to hold prisoners. Guarded by pair of CRIMSON ELFs, one sleepy, one watchful. They are siblings. Couple of human captives in pitiful condition, starving in cells. One is NEELOTH the JOLLY GRAVEDIGGER.
Room F.
SOUND: Dead silence. Even your voices muffled.
Ledge halfway up wall of big cylindrical pit-cavern, no way in, out except via entrances to ledge. IRON SQUID trapped at bottom of pit, bleeding from a number of minor wounds. Extremely long spiked sticks for poking it with. Couple of CRIMSON ELFs indulging in this pastime.
Room G.
SMELL: Strangely cold, like being in a meat freezer.
IRON SQUID den. Sulphuric fumes vent from somewhere deep within. Contains skeleton holding FLAIL OF DISGUISE, which in addition to other powers gets +2 against IRON SQUID. 50% chance that IRON SQUID is out. Secret way out of dungeon, big enough for monster to fit through.
Room H.
SIGHT: Cobwebs in every corner.
PRIMAL GORGON lowering itself to play dice w/ CRIMSON ELF retainers. Will pretend it's condescending to let you live so long as you amuse it by joining in. Actually, not totally sure it can take you, not really in fighting mood, will throw game and say you've earned your freedom. Has WINGED CORD, might be convinced to wager it if stakes high enough.
Room I.
Bunch of CRIMSON ELFs who were just pointlessly fucking sitting there waiting for something to walk in so they could attack it.
Room J.
Waterfall that trickles in through crack in wall, disappears in swirling vortex into crack in earth. Tricky climb, must be made to pass room. TITANIC LIZARD den hidden in cave behind waterfall, half-digested WINGED TOTEM in stomach of sleeping TITANIC LIZARD.