Building 10 rooms


F--A J
| | | |
| |
| |
Room A.
SMELL: Faint breeze. Hard to tell where from, seems to change directions.
QUEEKRINGO the JOLLY DUELIST attempting to domesticate PSEUDO-HOG, with limited success. Has been reliably informed that PSEUDO-HOG's favourite food is BEARDED BRAMBLE, will pay semi-handsomely for samples.
Room B.
Hall lined w/ oil paintings of forgotten aristocracy. Some have been defaced. Cursory knowledge of local history will tell you which conceals secret door.
Room C.
One path overgrown w/ BEARDED BRAMBLE, one dry and barren, one littered w/ skeletons. BEARDED BRAMBLEs carnivorous, practiced in throwing bones across room for no other reason that they can't digest them and find them unseemly.
Room D.
Pit with SEA ANEMONE lurking at bottom. V. poorly concealed. A couple of gold coins and a CHAIN OF SPRING in extremely poor condition gleam among the bones of a dead adventurer.
Room E.
Old wooden chest, given wide berth by nervous, prowling FLAIL MORLOCKs who are 100% certain it's a mimic. 20% chance this is true. Key to chest, even if it's a mimic, is clutched in the hand of the top half of a skeleton in room F. Chest contains reasonable amount of gold, partially-chewed SHIELD OF PLAGUE (operates at half efficiency until repaired), gnawed bottom half of skeleton. Possible if chest not mimic that it will follow PCs around dungeon fucking w/ them.
Room F.
Single incredibly-intelligent FLAIL MORLOCK has found only space in dungeon where it is possible to just sit and think. If left to own devices will rule own kingdom on surface world in ~10 years.
Room G.
SMELL: Humans being cooked. Indistinguishable from roast pork except to trained noses.
SOUND: Coins clinking.
Bunch of FLAIL MORLOCKs quivering in fear as you approach. HISSING SPHINX followed you in, is directly behind you.
Room H.
Formerly a wizard's study. Now a breeding pair of PSEUDO-HOGs has made a nest of the spellbooks, which reveal interesting magical snippets if closely examined. Torn-up pages, gummed back together, may have produced odd new spells.
Room I.
Couple of sorry-looking FLAIL MORLOCKs roasting SEA ANEMONE over fire. In surprisingly good mood, will share. If you get sick and pass out from the feast they will definitely kill you, but otherwise harmless.
Room J.
Lightless oubliette. SILKLANTA the WHISPERING CHILD has been trapped in here for at least twenty years, some FLAIL MORLOCKs coming by to feed and water them occasionally.