Building 10 rooms


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Room A.
Looks like three-doored room. Tarnished mirror in corner will, if cleaned, show secret fourth exit in reflection. If taken to any other room it will also show a secret extra exit in that room. Secret extra exit always goes to same place, no matter where you are in the world. Overuse has chance of awakening evil reflection monsters.
Room B.
SIGHT: Room is part of ancient mansion, walls are rotting wood.
SOUND: Whistling of underworld wind from cracks in wall.
Beautiful woman made of glass, living in pit of liquid glass. Can see future with 95% accuracy. No particular reason to help PCs, but would rather like to get her hands on fragile glass chalice in room E (she'll eat it). Would be worth a lot if somehow extracted from dungeon and sold as artwork. Scream is like damp fingertip on rim of wineglass, summons GREY WYRM from another part of dungeon.
Room C.
Pit with MARROW JELLY lurking at bottom. V. poorly concealed. A couple of gold coins and a SHIELD OF THE JUNGLE in extremely poor condition gleam among the bones of a dead adventurer.
Room D.
SIGHT: Room is part of ancient mansion, walls are rotting wood.
Long flight of marble stairs painted black and white like piano keys. Stepping on wrong stairs flattens them into slide, makes climbing extremely difficult, getting down fun. Somebody in room B knows secret pattern or it's hidden in mosaic on walls. Anyone who's a musician gets a bonus to working it out. You decide which side PCs start on.
Room E.
Hideout for rebellious HOOK SATYRs, unwilling to recognize authority of SHRIEKING MUMMY, want to establish tiny republic in forgotten dungeon crevice.
Room F.
TYRLISCO the PARANOID POLITICIAN looking for girl/boy/personfriend, who they think is being held captive by HOOK SATYRS. Actually came with them willingly to get away from TYRLISCO the PARANOID POLITICIAN, now rethinking it, dungeon life losing sense of mystery and grandeur. Still hates TYRLISCO the PARANOID POLITICIAN though. Is in room F.
Room G.
Cornered, enraged, only semi-wounded GREY WYRM preparing to unleash its ultimate attack on bunch of spear-wielding HOOK SATYRs who think they're doing much better than they are. If you wait you can get it before its ultimate attack recharges.
Room H.
SMELL: Zoosmell, like pressing your face to a tiger and inhaling.
SIGHT: Ammonite, trilobite fossils visible in walls.
One of those Ripley's Believe It Or Not rooms where there's a row of mirrors along one wall and once you go around the corridor you can see through them. Couple of HOOK SATYRs behind mirrors making fun of PCs, will flee as they approach. If the PCs linger, COLUS the SHOUTY ACTOR will come through on the other side of the mirrors and accidentally reveal something they would kill to keep secret.
Room I.
SOUND: Coins clinking.
SMELL: Strangely warm, like being in a kiln.
HOOK SATYRs engaging in orgiastic rite to win favour of dungeon god. Incredibly eager for you to join in.
Room J.
Map room. Globes, nautical charts, atlases, blueprints, guidebooks. SHRIEKING MUMMY studying X-marked plan of faraway island, so enthralled that it has difficulty noticing PCs. Exquisite rug on room's floor seems like abstract pattern, careful study reveals it to be map of dungeon itself.